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Screening Appointments

Bariatric psychological and nutrition screenings are required prior to having weight loss surgery at Saint Clare's.  For your convenience, The Center for Weight Loss Surgery will coordinate these appointments; please call 973-989-3644 for assistance.  Nutrition screenings are offered at Saint Clare's Hospital/Dover.

Bariatric psychological screenings for weight loss surgery candidates are provided by Dr. John Grant and/or Dr. Melissa Rivera-Marano of Bariatric Psychiatric Associates. These services as provided at the Dover location as a convenience to our patients.  Bariatric Psychiatric Associates charges separately for behavioral health screenings.  Patients may discuss pricing during the confirmation of insurance coverage. Please be prepared to pay via cash or check at the time of service. If you are not sure if the doctors participate in your insurance plan, please call Bariatric Psychiatric Associates at (732) 583-7726.

These screenings are not always covered by insurance. If your insurance company does provide coverage for one or both of these services, they may have specific requirements which must be met. If you plan to file for insurance for either screening, please call your insurance company before your appointment. Using the number listed on your card, and after getting the name of the person you are speaking with, ask the following questions:

  • Do I need a referral or pre-certification?
  • If yes, how do I obtain this?
  • Am I required to use a preferred provider?
  • If yes, please provide a list of participating providers in my area.
  • Please discuss with your Baratric Surgeon if procedural codes are required for any authorization through your insurance.

While the screenings are required prior to weight loss surgery, you do not need to have them at Saint Clare's. If you are making your appointment with anyone other than Saint Clare's and/or Bariatric Psychiatric Associates, please inform the physician's office you are calling that this service is being requested in preparation for bariatric surgery, and that the report should be sent to your surgeon. If your screenings are performed at Saint Clare's, these reports will automatically be sent to your Surgeon.

Should you have any questions, please call the Center for Weight Loss Surgery at (973) 989-3644.


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