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Educational Opportunities

For further information or to register for these classes, call 1-866-STCLARE, unless otherwise noted.

Tours of the beautiful Katena Center for Mother and Child are available for parents-to-be who are considering or planning delivery of their newborn at Saint Clare's. Tours include a look at one of our beautiful labor/delivery/recovery rooms, an all-private Mother/Baby suite, and a view of our Newborn Nursery and Level II Intermediate (Special Care) Nursery. There is no charge for tours.

Adoptive Parenting
Designed for the special needs of adoptive parents, this course provides information on newborn appearance, baby care, bathing, infant feeding, etc. While adoptive parents may also choose to attend All About Babies, this course has been designed specifically for the needs and concerns of adoptive parents. The fee for this course is $50 per couple.

All About Babies
In this two hour class, expectant and new parents learn the basics about newborn and infant care. Topics covered include bathing, diapering, feeding, home safety, equipment and toys. The fee for this course is $25 per couple, if not enrolled in Prepared Childbirth or Multiple Birth Course.

Babies and Pets
Many new and expectant parents are concerned about introducing a baby into a home with pets. Taught by Dr. Steven Hodes, a well known local veterinarian, this course has been designed to assist new and expectant parents in safely introducing their new arrival to the family pet. There is a fee of $15 per couple for this class.

In this two hour class, our lactation consultant gives you the advice and confidence you need to successfully breastfeed your newborn. Topics covered include the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, how breastfeeding works, different types of milk, positioning, preventing problems, breast pumps, pumping and storage, making it work for working moms, nutritional needs, and weaning information. There is a fee of $25 per couple for this class.

Cesarean Section Class
Designed just for parents anticipating a Cesarean birth, this course provides information on operating room procedures, anesthesia options, and other important topics specific to this procedure. Information on Cesarean birth is also presented in our Childbirth Preparation classes. There is a fee of $25 per couple for this class.

Much has changed in management of pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care, since our new grandparents-to-be delivered their own children. This evening class introduces soon-to-be grandparents to the changes in hospital childbirth, advancements in pre-natal care, hospital routines, newborn care recommendations, infant and child first-aid and safety tips, and the important role grandparents play in child development. There is a fee of $20 per person or $35 per couple.

Infant Emergency Care
Designed specifically for new parents, grandparents and caregivers of infants under one year of age, this four-hour course identifies potential hazards in the home, provides appropriate safety measures, and teaches you to recognize infant cardiac arrest and respiratory difficulties. The instructor will demonstrate rescue breathing, infant CPR, and obstructed airway procedures for a choking infant. Call out CPR Training Center at (973) 989-3213 for class schedule and cost information.

Lamaze Refresher
Parents who have completed a previous Prepared Childbirth course are encouraged to attend these review classes. Our instructor also reviews the current recommendations and trends, and creates a supportive environment for couples to share their previous birth experiences. Topics include neuromuscular relaxation and conditioning techniques, conditioned relaxation, breathing techniques, changes occurring prior to labor, stages of labor, back pain and remedies, pain relief (including epidurals), hospital procedures, unplanned c-sections, post-partum adjustment, and a tour of the Katena Center. There is a fee of $55 per couple for this course.

Multiple Birth
This special class offers sound advice and guidance for couples expecting two or more babies. This program includes information on the emotional aspects of a multiple pregnancy, caring for two or more babies, and adjusting to your new role as parents of multiples. We will also take a tour of the Katena Center and the Intermediate Care Nursery. There is a fee of $25 per couple.

Prenatal Massage
The Center for Complementary Medicine offers massage designed for the special needs of the pregnant woman. The therapist is certified in positioning and massage techniques customized for the relief of leg, back, neck and other body discomforts associated with pregnancy. For additional information, please call (973) 989-3607.

Prepared Childbirth
This comprehensive course for first-time parents will help you to prepare for the pregnancy, birth, recovery and your newborn. Topics include overview and recognition of labor, stages of labor, methods of delivery, pain relief (including epidurals), relaxation and breathing techniques for labor, pushing techniques, hospital procedures, unplanned c-sections, post-partum adjustment, newborn care, feeding and safety, and a tour of the Katena Center. This course is offered on weeknights and weekends, so please register early to assure your first choice!  We also offer this program in Spanish. There is a fee of $125 per couple. Additionally, Saint Clare’s offers a web-based childbirth class for mothers on bed rest or those unable to attend childbirth classes. Call 973-625-6387 for more information.

Sibling Class
Sometimes siblings don't share their parent's excitement about the new baby. This Saturday morning program helps prepare youngsters age three to eight for the new baby's arrival. Parents will also learn ways to minimize and deal with jealousy and hurt feelings. A movie, story and a lively exchange of questions and answers are included. The cost is $25 per family.

Siblings at Birth
At times, parents would like to have their older children present at the birth of a sibling. This course prepares the child and parent for the event, and is required for siblings who will be present at birth. There is no fee for those patients pre-registered to deliver at the Katena Center.

For further information or to register for these classes, call 1-866-STCLARE, unless otherwise noted.

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