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Emergency Services

Saint Clare's provides comprehensive emergency care services at our hospitals in Denville and Dover, as well as Saint Clare's Health Center at Sussex.  Each emergency department (ED) is staffed by emergency physicians supported by specially trained and certified nurses. The emergency departments are supported by state-certified paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and mobile intensive care units (MICUs) who respond to locations throughout the region in the case of an emergency. Our paramedics work alongside local first aid squads to provide advanced life support in patient's homes, in the workplace, or on the road.

Our Emergency Departments can be reached at the following phone numbers:
Denville: 973-625-6063
Dover: 973-989-3200
Sussex: 973-702-2714


Geriatric Emergency Department

Saint Clare’s is transforming part of our Emergency Department to provide specialized, senior-centered care.
With the aging population in our community and having older adults accounting for more than 25% of all our emergency visits, Saint Clare’s is transforming part of our Emergency Department to best serve these patients. We are enhancing our operation to provide a standardized guideline of care and specialized protocols are being implemented to help the geriatric patient. Our collaborative, multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to expedite an elderly patient’s discharge, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and/or future Emergency Department visits. Saint Clare’s will also provide an array of services to support these patients and their family members allowing for a safer return home. Saint Clare’s has eight designated rooms in the Denville and Dover EDs for geriatric emergencies. To enhance safety and comfort, these rooms have: safety devices to prevent falls, pressure-reducing mattresses, large clocks, dim lighting capability, warmer rooms for comfort, and reading magnifiers.

In addition, adaptations to guidelines for care for this patient population include:

  • Consultations with pharmacists to review home medications
  • Ongoing, specialized training of staff working with geriatric patients
  • Screening for changes in mental status and other health risks
  • Improved integration of social workers to address needs, promoting success at home.
  • A follow-up phone call to the patient within 48 hours to inquire how they are feeling, did they fill their prescriptions, do they have questions?

If you are a patient or would like more information about Saint Clare’s Geriatric Emergency Department, please call 973-625-6400.


Psychiatric Emergency Care

Saint Clare's Health System also provides emergency psychiatric care at Saint Clare's Hospital/Denville. The 24-hour hotline for Psychiatric Emergency Services can be reached at 973-625-0280Click here for more information.

For questions or more information, please fill out our Online Inquiry Form.

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Patient Testimonials

"We already bring our baby daughter here for outpatient care, so when her two-year-old cousin injured her arm while visiting us, our first thought was Saint Clare's.

"The care she received in the ER was flawless. I don't think we were here for even 30 minutes. What was even more impressive was the concern and kindness shown by everyone.

"I've never had a hospital experience this positive. The way they do things is just perfect. I'd recommend Saint Clare's to anyone."

~ Anthony Teri, Saint Clare's Hospital/Denville

"My coffee cup broke and cut my thumb. It looked like I'd need stitches, so I asked a friend to drive me to Saint Clare's. My perception of emergency rooms was that I'd have to be there for a good four to five hours.

"I couldn't have been more wrong. We got there at 7:45. By 9:00, I was already back home. I had brought a book along, but I never even got it out..

"The ER staff was wonderful. Everyone was fast and thoroughly efficient, but still able to treat me in a friendly and gentle manner."

~ Linda Davidson, Saint Clare's Hospital/Dover General