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*The wait time shown is in minutes and is a rolling average updated every 15 minutes and cannot be guaranteed upon arrival.
If you are having an emergency, please call 911.

The Emergency Room at Saint Clare's Health Center at Sussex is open daily from 8am - 11pm.

Emergency Room Wait Times At Saint Clare's Hospitals


Emergencies can’t wait. And neither does our emergency team.

Saint Clare's offers the opportunity to learn the real-time waits at each of our three ER locations – at your fingertips. With just a click on our website, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing when you’ll see the doctor, before you see the doctor.

Real life…in real time. Another way Saint Clare’s is Turning Promise Into Practice in the communities we serve.

What You Can Expect from Emergency Health Care at Saint Clare’s

Keep reading to learn more about emergency health care at Saint Clare’s, and our commitment to delivering smarter, faster, and better care than ever before.

Trusted, Comprehensive Pre-hospital and ER Care

Saint Clare’s provides emergency services to thousands of patients a year in the ER’s at our Denville, Dover, hospitals and Sussex Health Center. With one of the newest ambulance fleets in the region and some of the most qualified personnel in their respective specialties, we provide emergency or general medical transport to skilled nursing facilities, doctors’ appointments and personal residences. Our Specialty Care Transport Units provide care for critically-ill patients ranging from newborns to those of advanced age with multiple medical problems. In an acute situation, care begins in the ambulance while the emergency department prepares for arrival – meaning your care starts even before you enter the hospital’s doors.

Dedicated Experts Ready to Handle Virtually Any Emergency

Each emergency department is staffed by board-certified emergency physicians, supported by physician assistants and specially trained and certified nurses, and is equipped with the latest in medical technology, including CT scans, MRI scans and ultrasounds. We also have comprehensive programs in place for stroke, emergency angioplasty, and therapeutic hypothermia treatment. At the same time, we’ve reengineered our protocols, processes, and staffing so that our expert care begins in minutes. Saint Clare's utilizes a "green zone" system that moves patients, with minor symptoms and injuries, through the emergency department quickly. Our processes and systems result in faster turn-around times for lab work, diagnostic tests and pharmaceutical needs – ultimately resulting in more efficient patient treatment.

Care That’s Not Just Faster, But Better

At Saint Clare’s, we didn’t just make our emergency departments faster…we made them better. A visit to the ER should not mean overcrowding, long wait times, and lack of information. We are striving to provide better emergency care services that are smarter and faster – and to keep you informed of what to expect. Find out how long you can expect to wait – before you arrive. You can see the current time to treatment at each of our three ER locations by visiting www.saintclares.org.

*What Does Our ER Wait Time Mean?

Saint Clare’s offers patients the ability to learn the real-time wait at each of our three acute care hospital locations, shown through text messaging and on our website. Our ER wait time is an estimate of the time it will take for patients arriving at each Saint Clare’s hospital ER – who are not in critical condition – to be seen by a doctor or physician assistant. The wait time for each location is a rolling average that is updated every 15 minutes. Wait times are estimated, should be used for informational purposes only, and cannot be guaranteed upon arrival.

Actual wait times may vary, depending on the urgency of care required by our patients. Patients with life-threatening issues are seen immediately. Our triage nurses determine the order in which patients are seen – prioritizing and treating the most critical patients immediately.

If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911.

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Patient Testimonials

"We already bring our baby daughter here for outpatient care, so when her two-year-old cousin injured her arm while visiting us, our first thought was Saint Clare's.

"The care she received in the ER was flawless. I don't think we were here for even 30 minutes. What was even more impressive was the concern and kindness shown by everyone.

"I've never had a hospital experience this positive. The way they do things is just perfect. I'd recommend Saint Clare's to anyone."

~ Anthony Teri, Saint Clare's Hospital/Denville

"My coffee cup broke and cut my thumb. It looked like I'd need stitches, so I asked a friend to drive me to Saint Clare's. My perception of emergency rooms was that I'd have to be there for a good four to five hours.

"I couldn't have been more wrong. We got there at 7:45. By 9:00, I was already back home. I had brought a book along, but I never even got it out..

"The ER staff was wonderful. Everyone was fast and thoroughly efficient, but still able to treat me in a friendly and gentle manner."

~ Linda Davidson, Saint Clare's Hospital/Dover General