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John Vnenchak

Joint Replacement Patient Testimonial


Like most people, John Vnenchak says he does not like hospitals. So he put off having hip replacement surgery “probably 10 years” longer than he should have.

After not one, but two, hip procedures at The Center for Joint Replacement at Saint Clare’s Hospital/Denville, John, age 66 and a lifelong Morris County resident, wonders why he waited.

“The change has been dramatic,” John marveled, adding, “I don’t have any pain at all.”
He described his experience at the center as “phenomenal,” saying he appreciated the speed with which the staff got him back on his feet – John had his surgery on a Monday, was walking Tuesday and went home Thursday morning.

“The nurses were fantastic. They went above and beyond. They were always smiling,” he said. “The guys who did my physical therapy were great, too.”  

John finally agreed to get his hips replaced last spring, when he could no longer stand the pain.

“I guess I lied to myself all that time and said it wasn’t that bad,” he recalled. “I would try to walk on the treadmill and I think my arms were holding me up.”

John asked his wife, who works in a medical office, to quiz the doctors there about who they would see if they needed surgery. The resounding recommendation: Dr. Frank Capecci.

Once he made up his mind, John didn’t want to wait. He had one hip replaced on May 1, 2011, and the other on October 31. Just two weeks after the second surgery, he was walking about two miles.

An avid golfer and jogger throughout his life, pain used to make even routine activity difficult for John. Now he typically walks about three miles a day and he’s become better at skeet shooting, one of his hobbies. Best of all, John is now the kind of grandfather he wants to be.

“On Christmas Day, I chased my grandson around the house,” John bragged. “I still couldn’t catch him, but it was my best Christmas present ever.”

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