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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a science and an art that encompasses a variety of systems and techniques of touch, that use some form of kneading, pressing, holding or stroking with pressure and movement.

Massage therapy normalizes soft tissues of the body affected by stress, injury and illness through manual manipulation. Massage can help alleviate pain and offer ways to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage: $40
60 Minute Massage: $75 ($60 employee/senior)
90 Minute Massage: $105 ($90 employee/senior)

Uses therapeutic grade essential oils designed to calm and balance. Combine with the massage type of your choice. Add $5 charge to any massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
A massage that concentrates on specific areas of the body designed to release pain and decrease discomfort.

‘M’ Technique
A method of gentle structured touch suitable for the very fragile, critically ill or someone wishing to experience gentle touch when massage therapy is contraindicated.

Myofascial Release
Manual massage techniques for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing range of motion and balancing the body. The fascia is manipulated allowing the connective tissue fibers to reorganize themselves in a more flexible, functional fashion.

Oncology Massage
A massage specially tailored to patients actively or with a history of undergoing cancer treatment.

Sports Massage
A vigorous massage that deals with the needs of athletes that can help to reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility, decrease soreness, enhance the repair process of soft tissue and increase an athlete’s performance potential.

Swedish Massage
Gentle manipulation of the soft tissues of the body designed to relax muscles and improve circulation.

Specialty Massages

Hot Stone Massage
Stone massage integrates thermo therapy with massage techniques using warm, hot and sometimes cool stones. Designed to relax your body at the deepest level as well as to relieve pain, promote peace and serenity.
60 Minute Massage: $90
90 Minute Massage: $130


Prenatal Massage
A nurturing massage designed to meet your special needs at any stage of your pregnancy. Relieve pain in your muscles and joints that must support added weight, improve blood flow, and provide emotional support during this magical journey.
60 Minute Massage: $75 ($60 employee)

For more information or to schedule an appointment at Saint Clare’s Center for Complementary Medicine call 973-989-3607.  Gift certficiates are available.

( ) denotes discounted rate available to Saint Clare’s Employees and seniors aged 65 and older.
Please be advised that a mandatory 7% NJ State Sales Tax will be added to the services above. There is a strict No Tipping policy at The Center for Complementary Medicine.

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Gift certficiates are available.  For more information or to schedule an appointment at Saint Clare’s Center for Complementary Medicine call 973-989-3607.


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