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Private Patient Rooms

Designed with better healing in mind, as well as our patients’ safety and comfort, Saint Clare’s Hospital/Dover General now exclusively offers private patient rooms throughout our medical/surgical units, progressive care unit, and intensive care unit. Our private rooms have been completely renovated to offer safety and comfort for our hospitalized patients – and include family-friendly amenities like comfortable reclining sleeper chairs, allowing family members to conveniently stay overnight.

During their stay at Saint Clare’s, patients will enjoy the comfort and convenience of:

  • Fully private, spacious rooms
  • Renovated private bathrooms
  • Expansive outdoor views
  • 42-inch flat screen TVs
  • Comfortable in-room seating area for visitors
  • Reclining sleeper chair for overnight visitors

Private room at Saint Clare’s Hospital/Dover General


New nurses’ station at Saint Clare’s Hospital/Dover General


The new, private rooms are patterned after the internationally recognized Planetree model – a patient-centered, holistic approach to health care which Saint Clare’s is adopting. The environment, from wood-grained flooring to earth tone color palettes on the walls to renovated lighting overhead, has been designed to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere in order to reduce stress and promote optimum healing. Our renovations to promote a healthier atmosphere have even carried through to caregiver and visitor areas, including nurses’ stations, visitor refreshment areas, and visitor lounges.


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