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Quick Facts on Your Sleep Study

There is no reason to lose sleep over having a sleep study. The Sleep Center will make your visit comfortable and worry free. Read our quick facts, below, to help understand what to expect when having a sleep study. You can also view our quick facts as a PDF.

Sleep Study – Quick Facts

  • Our center is designed to look familiar and comfortable, like a favorite hotel. Each private testing bedroom is beautifully furnished and includes cable TV as well as a DVD player. Our center includes a bathroom with shower for your convenience.
  • Our sleep technologists are highly qualified sleep medicine professionals that provide superior patient care.
  • Sleep studies are performed by collecting physiological data such as heart waves and muscle movement while you sleep using non-invasive sensors. A sleep technologist records this data as well as images coming from the camera in your testing room. This information is carefully reviewed and compiled into a report that is sent to your doctor.
  • Bring loose-fitting, two-piece pajamas such as shorts/pants and a t-shirt to wear during your study.
  • Alcohol and caffeine are to be avoided prior to and during the study.
  • We provide refreshments for you in the morning. If you are scheduled for a daytime test, meals will be provided for your convenience.

If you have additional questions regarding your sleep study, we encourage you to contact the Sleep Center for more information at 973-989-3477.

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