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Safe Start


The home is the most violent place in America. In 1995, the FBI reported that 27% of all violent crimes involved family on family violence. Intra family abuses, neglect and domestic battery account for the majority of physical and emotional violence suffered by children in this country.  The adolescents and adults responsible for the violence in the community often develop these violent behaviors as a result of intra family violence during childhood.”

Parents are the most influential teachers of young children.

  • Children learn by modeling behaviors witnessed
  • Children depend on their parents for nurturing, safety and positive emotional and social support in order to grow into healthy and stable adults.
  • Many parents don’t understand how violence and trauma can impact children including the potential of facing negative psychological and developmental consequences which often result in emotional difficulties, negative health outcomes, physical injury, and even death for children.

Saint Clare's has established a Violence Prevention committee which is comprised of members of our local school systems, legal systems, social services, and other leaders who are interested in violence prevention throughout Morris County.  This Violence Prevention Committee supported by funds made available through Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is working to decease violence and to promote and support families in our community. Safe Start a violence prevention initiative funded by CHI is supporting Saint Clare's along with other community partners in developing educational information on the importance of positive childhood experiences.

Safe Start will:

  • Educate new parents, parents of young children and other caregivers on the importance of children having a safe loving environment in which to grow and the benefits for children and families in the community when we reduce the number of violent incidents happening in our community.
  • Discuss brain development, the impact of violence and trauma on brain development, bonding and attachment along with parenting styles and positive discipline methods
  • Through the designed program, reduce the number of reported cases of child abuse and neglect in Dover and Denville by 5% from 2006 cases in 2010 to 194 cases in 2016.
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SPOTLIGHT: Safe Start - Violence Prevention Initiative

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