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Saint Clare's Health System Ahead of the Curve for Top-Quality Patient Care


Report Ranks Saint Clare's Above NJ and U.S. Averages in All Categories

The 2007-2008 Hospital Compare Report, recently published by Hospital Quality Alliance, indicates Saint Clare’s Health System is among an elite group of hospitals that excel in point-of-entry service. Saint Clare’s, northwestern New Jersey’s largest community health system, scored ahead of both New Jersey and U.S. averages in all health measures, and was competitive with the top 10 percent of hospitals nationally in almost all of the measured categories.

“At the point in the patient process where quality and safety perhaps matter the most — the point of entry — there is simply no room for compromise,” said Leslie D. Hirsch, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Clare’s Health System.  “Saint Clare’s prides itself on the cooperation that brings about excellence in quality performance measures, and finishing ahead of the US and NJ averages in every single monitored measure just helps reconfirm our standing as a leading community hospital in New Jersey.”

Saint Clare’s acclaimed system for admitting new patients allows for nurses and doctors to share responsibility and work jointly to ensure the best patient care. Saint Clare’s cites this process of accountability and open communication as a key component to its overall service excellence.  From emergency departments to doctor lounges, guidelines can be found throughout each hospital, making it even easier for Saint Clare’s staff to meet the needs of patients at the point of entry.

“This report shows the diligence and persistence of our staff to ensure that patients’ needs are being met at the critical time of first treatment,” says Norma Atienza, Director of Clinical Quality and Epidemiology at Saint Clare’s. “We are proud of this achievement and attribute this great success to our nursing and clinical support staff. These are experienced individuals who work meticulously to communicate with the doctors at all times.  It is a responsibility that falls on everyone, and the cohesion between our doctors and nurses is unmatched.”

Reporting on the best practices for admitting patients and treating patients admitted with critical conditions, the 2007-2008 Hospital Compare Report lists different health measures under the categories of heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical infection prevention. This report aims to measure quality medical information from patient records and convert it into a rate or percentage that shows how well hospitals care for their patients.

Saint Clare’s ranked near the top in every single measure including meeting, or in some cases beating, the measurement of the nation’s top hospitals.  Some of the categories where Saint Clare’s particularly excelled include: Smoking Cessation Advice/Counseling (all categories); Initial ER Blood Culture Performed Prior to First Hospital Dose of Antibiotics (Pneumonia Measures); Preventative Antibiotic One Hour Before Incision (Surgical Infection Prevention Measures); and ACE Inhibitor or ARB for Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (Heart Failure and Heart Attack Measures).  This yearly report, which is reflected in Medicare payment procedures, is essential to hospitals nationwide. 

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