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Saint Clare's Unveils New MRI System and Breast Health Technology

January 4, 2010

Local Hospital on Cutting Edge of MRI Technology. Saint Clare’s Health System will be unveiling a new state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system at their Denville location on January 7 at 2 PM. The addition of this new technology at Saint Clare’s will allow patients access to cutting edge diagnostic technology, to ensure more time sensitive efficient care and health screenings, including breast imaging that allows early detection of potentially fatal breast cancers. The MRI system will allow doctors to better visualize the detailed internal structure of the body and pinpoint areas of limited function or pain in patients. The technology will provide a much greater contrast between the different soft tissues of the body and will be able to provide a more detailed look at muscle attachments and tendons. This MRI system will be an invaluable tool in early diagnosis and evaluation of many conditions, including tumors and other injuries. “We are thrilled to offer this important diagnostic service to all of our patients, whether they are admitted in our hospital or as an outpatient,” said Colleen Smorra, Director of Diagnostic Imaging for Saint Clare’s. “We are now better equipped to meet the growing need for these tests in the community with a focus on reducing patient exposure to radiation.”In addition to the new MRI system, Saint Clare’s will become one of only a few hospitals in the state to have advanced breast screening capabilities with MRI’s Sentinelle Breast Imaging Table and Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) system. These new technologies, used in conjunction with mammography, allow for more accurate diagnosis of breast health and biopsy analysis. The CAD system will specifically help Radiologists more quickly and accurately determine the size and location of tumors or abnormalities found on a breast MRI, especially for women with denser breasts, as the technology highlights and pinpoints abnormal areas on the scan. “These new systems speak to the many advances we are making at Saint Clare’s and add to the array of imaging services already available,” said Les Hirsch, President and CEO of Saint Clare’s Health System.  “We are thrilled to once again be able to raise the level of capabilities and services we can offer our patients.

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