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Scott Chapman

Bariatrics Patient Testimonial

For Scott Chapman, Manager of Purchasing for Saint Clare's Dining Services, the big and tall clothing store had always been a fact of life. He had been a "big guy" for as long as he could remember. Since January 2006, Scott has lost 175 pounds as a result of gastric bypass surgery at Saint Clare's Center for Weight Loss Surgery and a rededication to living healthy and eating right.

Looking back on a number of failed diet programs and a sincere desire to be there for his children, Alan, age 7, and Jessica, age 9, he decided it was time to do something about his weight problems. After speaking with colleagues in the food service industry who had weight loss surgery themselves, he turned to the experienced surgeons of the Center for Weight Loss Surgery as he considered the procedure. After attending one of the monthly new patient education seminars offered by Saint Clare's, Chapman decided to proceed with the surgery.


Making the Decision
"My surgeon was great. He was very compassionate and sincere, and truly believes in the long-term benefits of the procedure," says Chapman. "I wanted the surgery done at Saint Clare's. After working alongside Saint Clare's staff, I knew the care and compassion was there. I knew going in that I would be well cared for, regardless of whether I was a colleague or not."
Not a big fan of needles, Chapman was reassured when he encountered staff that was dedicated to his needs before, during, and after the surgery. He was grateful for the individualized attention by members of the Center's staff and the caliber of the specialized training each had. "Saint Clare's program of evaluation, surgery and after care made me comfortable knowing that I wasn't just a number or name passing through an operating room. The Center treated me like a person," Chapman says. "They provided me with everything I needed to know before surgery, provided me with individualized care during my hospital stay, and have been there to support my weight loss success through support group programs."

Looking Back
Chapman does not second guess his decision to move forward with the surgery. Acknowledging the solution goes beyond the surgery, he points out that the surgery cannot be successful without a lifestyle change. "You need to change the way you live, the way you eat, the way you exercise, but in the end you feel great. I have no regrets about my decision to move forward with surgery and I'm so pleased that Saint Clare's was there for me."

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