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Surgical Pavilion

The new Bott Family Surgical Pavilion at Saint Clare’s Hospital/Denville offers state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced surgical facilities in the region – revolutionizing surgical care for our physicians, nurses, patients, and their families.

The Pavilion, featuring seven operating rooms, combines the latest in digital technology with the insights of evidence-based design to promote healing, improved outcomes, and patient privacy and safety.

With its technology, and the extraordinary care of its surgical staff, the Bott Family Surgical Pavilion is designed to provide a smooth and stress-free experience – while ensuring the most positive outcome possible.

A visible difference. Relaxing views in the outer ring hallway overlooking woods and fields, improved holding areas that provide more privacy for each patient, and other soothing touches help lessen the stress of surgery. In the operating rooms themselves, sophisticated LED lighting helps surgeons see with great clarity and precision than ever before.

A world of connections. High definition cameras and widescreen monitors magnify the most complex procedures with images that can be instantly shared with pathologists, laboratories, and specialists anywhere in the world. The latest in communications technology gives doctors the power to summon vital information and control every aspect of the OR environment at the touch of a finger.

A higher level of technology. From robotics and minimally invasive procedures to leading edge digital technology, the Surgical Pavilion brings the latest advances in surgical technology to patients in our community. In fact, Saint Clare’s is the first hospital in the State to offer the newest robotic technology, the da Vinci Si Dual Console Surgical System, with simulation technology allowing physicians to refine their skills.

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